four paws on the road- traveling with a dog

four paws on the road- traveling with a dog. Of course Senta, my faithful, always fun and loving and good-humoured Dalmatian dog for 11 years now, is also part of the party. By nature rather a little worried and sceptical towards new things, but also very playful and human oriented, she masters many adventures with us.

For me it was clear from the beginning: Senta will come with me. She is an integral part of my life and now of ours and for me it is out of the question to leave her behind. Of course travelling with a dog is a bit more complicated every now and then, but for the most part also more natural and in any case more fun…. Senta is with her tolpatischigen kind always for a fun to have. No matter where she appears she puts a smile on people’s faces and is often a quick “icebreaker” for contacts and conversations of any kind.

Traveling with a dog you ALWAYS in explorer more. The morning round will quickly become an exploration tour for the best coffee at the place of accommodation, the most beautiful breakfast place or simply to explore and develop its surroundings. Since Martin and I like to be out and about in nature anyway and especially I have too much after a few days in a bigger city and like to surround myself with a lot of space and fresh air again, travelling with a dog simply makes sense.

Fortunately, Sentas hunting instinct is non-existent and it is so obedient and peaceful that visiting national parks and meeting other dogs is no problem. If you are even more interested in the exact preparations I made before I started, you are welcome to read more on the “Travel preparations for a dog”site.

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