Earn money while traveling

Traveling costs money. But you don’t need to be a million dollar baby to make your dreams come true

I have already announced for some time that I will write a contribution on the topic of earning money while travelling. The topic has been on my mind from the very beginning, even before we left, but at the moment it’s getting more and more topical. Earning money on journeys is not impossible and there are actually many ways to earn some money. But you should not underestimate the amount of time. Work is work, whether in a regular everyday life in Germany or on a journey.

I already thought about some things in advance and then thought that something would come up during the trip. But it’s not that easy, because money is nowhere on the street and anyone who wants to earn money while travelling has to become active. So far I have lives on my savings. Martin has taken over the biggest positions like fuel and now and then the accommodations by his current income. But we share the food and drink and I liked and still want to have my own money in order to be independent.

Earning money while travelling – What are the possibilities?

Since traveling implements that one usually moves around and only stays in one place for days, it is difficult to accept a job. Who is looking for someone to help out for a few days? We have never experienced anything like this before. A longer stay (and by longer I mean several months) is currently not planned. If you have even more time than we can offer and more often than not weeks or months of stopovers, you can get good jobs especially in the high season, i.e. in summer. But that also means working through a full program. But you can earn some money in a few months and then travel and live from it again for a while.

Save money instead of earning it

With WorkAway you can’t earn money, in most cases, but you can save a lot of money and stretch your travel budget considerably (of course also via other platforms like WOOFING and co.). That’s what I had planned for our trip. Those who help for food and lodging on a farm or with a project do not have to spend their own money, get to know the people on site intensively and in the best case can learn a lot more. Unfortunately, we haven’t had such good experiences twice now. But I’m not giving up hope yet to find a suitable WorkAway farm where it fits in with people and you have fun and pleasure helping out and living there.

Of course, it is also helpful to live sparingly while travelling. However, this is usually the result of motivation and the thing itself. Of course, if you always live like a king, stay in hotels all the time, go out for a meal and consider the whole thing more like a holiday, you’ll be straining your travel budget a lot.

We try to camp as much as possible in the wild, that saves the most, of course, because you don’t have to spend anything! Since we have a kitchen on board and the food prices are quite cheap in most countries, this is the easiest way to save money. We consume much less and also cultural events are something very special for which one also likes to spend a mark. One appreciates a visit to the cinema or a concert much more, if one has really saved on it.

Work online

Another option and quite popular with travelers is the good old web design. If you have already set up your own blog or take a little time to get a taste of web hosting and web design, you can find a rewarding side job here. I started working on WordPress and have to say that it’s not witchcraft. Even if my technical understanding is not above average, you can find your way around quite quickly and if you work your way up a bit, you can get started pretty quickly. That’s why webdesign is so interesting for earning money while travelling, because you can work from anywhere and earn a lot of money per job. With the income from webdesign you can travel, usually live well.

Another possibility are so-called affiliate links. With this you can advertise products and get a commission when you buy them. However, you should be careful not to plaster affiliate links on your own blog and give readers the feeling that they only want to encourage them to buy products. Furthermore, you should only advertise products that you stand behind or that you are related to. Anything else would be quite implausible. This work requires a little preparation time. The good thing is that once you have entered the links, they run for a while and work on their own, so to speak. This can become a nice sideline.

Online texting

The best way for me to earn money while travelling is currently via content.de. On this platform you can register as an author and then write texts immediately. There are open orders which can be accepted and processed immediately. Who writes gladly and with spelling and grammar well knows, can here quite fast an Zuverdienst develop.

Alternatively one can announce oneself on the side Textbroker.de, or directly with both portals. At Content.de, however, there is a little more money per word, so it is worth it more. One must send in a sample text as “application”, then one is divided into a category. Depending upon writing style and ability one is divided into one of the categories and can then fish there orders. The more you work and write, the more you can earn.

The work and research effort should not be underestimated. I have noticed that I cannot work well if we want to actively travel and experience activities together. Therefore, we want to try next year to bring a little more structure into our everyday travel life. I would like to work a few hours a day for 3-4 days and then have the rest free to go on excursions with Martin and Senta or to go on. For this I need a stable internet and a little rest for a working atmosphere. I think, if I can arrange it this way, I can earn about 300 Euro per month, which will be really good for the travel budget.
Earn money in the long run while travelling

But for long-term money making while travelling I need another plan. It will either mean to earn money in Germany again, or in a country with similarly high wages, in order to be able to live on savings again, or to travel to another country in order to work and spend a season like Switzerland, New Zealand or Australia.

Those who have built up a good network of affiliate links, advertising income via their own website(s) and commissioned work will probably be able to make a living abroad. For me it doesn’t look like I will be able to generate enough income to continue travelling. But of course it also depends on the part of the world you are in, how you move around and the general living costs in the respective country.
If you have further tips on how to earn money while travelling, or in which countries it is worthwhile to work, please feel free to contact me!

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