Pizza, uh, Crete, we come

What was logically the first official act when we reached “the mainland” (Crete was established as the continent for us during the time on Gavdos and was definitely the mainland for us)? Right, we stormed the first pizzeria, which fortunately was only 50 m away from the port, on the next beach promenade. After more than two months of wild life and cooking, a busy beach promenade with restaurants, the abundance of offers and life was almost too much for us. And why is everyone wearing so many clothes? Okay, we had to realize that we were a bit wild on Gavdos, but somehow it was also exciting and thrilling to discover the “new” old civilization.

We found a nice spot on the beach and enjoyed our pizza with great pleasur
Soon we got to know the neighbours, a German couple with two children. They had sat out the time during the lockdown in Paleochora and told us the horror stories, the time of closed beaches and movement restrictions of all kinds… Uhhh for us were the real horror stories and it ran cold down our backs. We did everything, but also really everything right to spend this crazy time on the wild, small but free island.

When we arrived in Paleochora it was mid May. The relaxation of the curfew was so far that you were allowed to move freely within the prefecture of Chania (a regional district).

Since we didn’t want to miss the chance to explore the west of Crete, which was waiting for us with its beguilingly beautiful beaches and coastal roads, we set off. But before that there was still a lot to organize. A visit to the vet had to be done, gas for the kitchen had to be filled up, fuel had to be filled up and basic food (except pasta and tomato sauce, which we wanted to do without for a while and still do! So off to Chania.

There everything went very smoothly. Within two days everything was done. The visit to the vet revealed that our little kitten, which had purred itself into our hearts on Gavdos and finally got a permanent place in the tour group departure, was a small, already neutered tomcat. How embarrassing and practical at the same time… well, Queen Luise quickly became King Louie.

By the way, the little one is a really special customer, he loves everything and everybody and makes us laugh every day. He fits into our lives without any problems, runs after us like a dog, tries to make friends with Senta, loves driving and prefers to lie on the driver’s lap or on the front rack to keep an eye on everything and makes it seem as if he was not only born to be a traveling cat, but that he has been doing nothing else all his life. A cool guy…

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