traveling the baltics with a dog

the first weeks of travelling have passed and Senta has got used to the new situation. In the first days she was still very restless and insecure. Many new noises at night in the bus and the new impressions and smells made her quite happy. After a few days she got used to the travel life very well and since then she enjoys the new freedom very much. She seems to like the fact that she can be there the whole day and can go almost everywhere. To simply open the bus door in the morning and let the dog out to pee is wonderful… Every dog owner can imagine how much this alone simplifies the morning, without getting up, putting on pants, shoes, stairs down and then up to the next park or at least around the block to traipse so that the dog can do his morning business. So the morning routine is much shorter. Fortunately Senta stays close to the bus on her own. So as long as you park in nature, nothing stands in the way of this freedom. Of course I also get up in the city or on the camping site, but as she doesn’t disappear into the bus with us until the evening, all three of us like to sleep very long. She also protects us and reports when someone approaches the bus, but comes back to us and lets us call her up, so she doesn’t make any decisions of her own. I think in some countries this is also a good deterrent or is it never bad “known” to know that someone is coming.

In Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia (and so far also in Finland) it was allowed to clean everywhere. People are very friendly towards dogs, everywhere you get water and are invited into every shop and restaurant with dog. Dogs are even allowed in the hardware store. Also camping site and holiday home (Finland) are so far super uncomplicated.

During the day trips, also to the big cities, she is part of the team. This works very well with the new breast harness, because with this she runs better on the leash than on the collar. I decided for a harness, that restricts her as little as possible and is well padded, who would like can look here.

Also with running free in the cities nobody addressed us so far. Dog excrement bags are available almost everywhere in abundance. During nocturnal excursions or trips, where she can’t join us, she still stays in the bus. Since it is still not particularly warm, it goes wonderfully and after a few hours on the way with us Senta needs a break anyway and waggles each time completely sleepy and joyfully towards us, if we come back.

Almost everyone she conjures a smile in the face and on some Asian holiday photo Senta is now captured as a souvenir. Against the ticks I gave her the much discussed Bravecto. It seemed to me the better solution than to treat her constantly with Spot on, as she likes to go swimming often. After that she actually ate little or nothing for two days, but when I started to worry, her stomach had obviously calmed down and she ate her usual amounts with normal appetite. During one or two days of fasting I usually don’t worry, as this can happen more often with her. I think, if you know your dog well and know how to judge his behaviour, you can assess the risk yourself and decide which measures to take. I would not recommend the Bravecto tablet per se to dogs that already have stomach or other health problems. With Senta, however, it works really well. It roams daily through the high grass and through the undergrowth of the forests, but we are tick-free! Two very small ticks simply fell off her while stroking her, they probably died shortly after the bite. Since we are travelling in areas with a high TBE load, I am happy about this fast and seemingly reliable effect.

So much for our first travel experiences. So far I can only warmly recommend travelling with a dog in the Baltic States!

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