2019-10 Albania

Traveling Albania – The Koman lake and the Valbona canyon

Let’s go to Fierze. The hustle and bustle at the ferry dock was a bustle. Goats were loaded from boats into cars, a passenger ferry, an old bus welded to a boat filled up bit by bit, everyone drank a coffee and street vendors offered snacks for the crossing. Great. There you go. We just had to show our online ticket on the mobile phone and Don Busso was allowed to roll onto the ferry. An Albanian ferry, one should perhaps also say to it. Those who are used to German luxury liners and big car ferries have to reduce their requirements a little. A bit of adventure is needed here, but it’s 100% worth it! When everyone was in their place, the cars were shown and people and animals were stowed away, the ferry set off for the two-and-a-half-hour trip across the reservoir, framed by rugged and imposing rock faces rising into the sky. The views are spectacular. This ferry trip is probably unique in the world and an absolute highlight! We enjoyed it very much and couldn’t get out of our amazement. When we arrived in Fierze, the harbour was just the same. We took a short breath and then tackled the next stage to Valbona. The journey takes about an hour and the roads are very tidy, so that we make good progress. Valbona is a small village, at the very end of the Valbona Gorge at an altitude of 1300 meters. It is worth driving to the very end of the asphalted road, 4×4 companions can even go further into the gorge and look for an even wilder and more secluded place for the night. Access to the National Park is free and camping is tolerated everywhere. However, one feels isolated from the world already at the end of the road that ends in front of an impressive and very modern Alpin Hotel. It is not for nothing that the pass that surrounds the Schucht, the “Wall of Thet”, is called “the end of the world”. In earlier times quite a credible hypothesis. The Wall of Thet Since we arrived early in Valbona, we wanted to use the daylight for a small hike in the gorge. A waterfall, as one of the springs of the Valbona river seemed favorable to us. The landscape of the Valbona valley covered by almost white boulders is unique. One should not miss this sight. The hike to Thet, the place on the other side of the “Wall of Thet” takes between 6-7 hours. That was and is a bit too much for Senta, at least to make it there and back in one day and since we didn’t know if we would find a hostel, we didn’t want to take any risks with the dogs. The hike to the waterfall, which is less spectacular at the moment but still beautiful to look at, took a good hour and a half. Throughout the gorge there are small settlements that accommodate and feed hikers with tents or 4×4 vehicles. The movement was good, after we had spent the whole day in the car and on the ferry and at dusk we arrived at Don Busso again. A delicious meal concluded this eventful day. 29.09-06.10.2019

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