travel arrangements- Tips for a long-term trip

Tips for a long-term trip, especially on topics such as: International health insurances, official questions, credit cards, financing and documents for the travel arrangements of a long term trip can be found here. In addition to the general travel preparations and considerations as to how we actually want to travel and what we don’t want to do without (more on this under home sweet home and useful and practical things from everyday travel), there are of course a few other preparations to be made

  1. health issues
    We have chosen two different variants for health insurance, as different models are necessary and sensible for both of us.

Of course an international health insurance is necessary:

I (Martin) have opted for TK’s partner insurance. Envivas had the best offer for me.
I have set my normal KV for at home to expectancy. I could probably have cancelled it, but I have the sure feeling that I can get back into it quickly and easily if I think it is the right thing to do.
Lisa has opted for STA Travel Insurance>>. The period can be up to 24 months and is variable. I have also booked accident and liability insurance. The booking and communication with the insurance company was super easy and uncomplicated online and you feel in good hands with the 24 hour hotline, with which I have already phoned.
I (Lisa) have cancelled my German health insurance completely, because I have cancelled my trip completely from Germany. With the cancellation certificate you can cancel your health insurance without any problems. So there are no more running costs. More to the topic deregistration gives it under point 3.
Besides these bureaucratic considerations and necessities, one does not really want to have to travel abroad to the uncle doctor and, since it should be a longer trip, we have as far as possible, an all-round health check and got all imaginable vaccinations:

Rabies, yellow fever, hepatitis A + B, TBE, tetanus.

We had to plan a total of 6 months for this, as some vaccinations have to be administered several times at certain intervals.

2. A credit card is required.
Thats clear. We use the DEREGISTERING FROM GERMANY here.

4. documents
You need to have some documents with you:

Passport, possibly a second if we plan to travel to countries that are not green…
Passport photos for visas and possibly new passports
Vehicle registration document / Green car insurance card
International driver’s license (available for 10 € at every registration office)
International vaccination certificate
And then, of course, the interior fittings of our rolling home itself. plus new TÜV/Reserverad/Durch-Check/ADAC→ yes, it takes some time but it is worth it

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