Secret Spots

Secret Spot near the Kravica Waterfalls

The magical place at the river near the Kravica waterfalls had fascinated us so much that we stayed there for several days. In the summer there seem to be cafés and bars along the river, houses and terraces stand by the river. But in September we had everything for ourselves. Even when the owner came to pick up some chairs from the house, he said nothing, but was very friendly. We would have liked to take the opportunity to ask what is going on here in summer, but the language barrier was a bit too big and so it stayed with a friendly nod. The place with the small waterfall, the crystal clear river and the peace is wonderful for wild camping. We wouldn’t be surprised if a camping site would be built here in the next few years, as the many European van travellers have already discovered the spot for themselves and it can be found on all the relevant apps. But even for a few thalers the night it would be worth it to stay here and enjoy the nature. The big Kravica waterfalls can be reached in an hour and from this side you can even save the entrance fee. One arrives at the much more beautiful and not yet built on side of the waterfalls or the river and can picnic there, swim and enjoy the day.

Koordinaten: 43.153771, 17.638048

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