2019-10-2 Kosovo

Prishtina the capital of Kosovo

Now it was time for the capital. Let’s get into the hustle and bustle. Although we had prepared ourselves for it, the transition from the calm lake in the morning to the bustling, turbulent city was quite violent. During a walk through the city we were a little overwhelmed. Fortunately Prishtina is also not the biggest (and most beautiful) city, so much the exploration tour quite short. Nevertheless we had seen almost everything worth seeing. We didn’t find the library, which is often called the ugliest building in Europe, so bad compared to the “Youth-Palace”, a concrete block, which was abandoned to decay after a fire and is now rotting away. We still visited the old bazaar, as we have been hunting for a new carpet for Don Busso for weeks, but didn’t find it. But we got one kilo of grapes for 1 Euro as compensation.

Since we had found a good, quiet parking lot at Germia-Park, the biggest city park in Prishtina, we could leave Senta, who was only tired from the day anyway, in the car with a clear conscience and went in the evening again to the bar quarter of the city. In summer it must be much nicer, but even now there were a lot of beautiful people in the city and we found some very cool and stylish bars.

fter a long walk in the park the next day we said bye bye Prishtina and went out. I was a bit sad because I really loved this country and its people. There are beautiful places and landscapes to discover and so far there are hardly any foreign tourists on the way. The people are happy about everyone who visits their beautiful country and try everything to get a beautiful and positive impression of this country. They really succeeded in doing this and we are and were totally enthusiastic about the impressions from Kosovo.
06.10.2019- 12.10.2019

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