2019-09-2 Bosnia and Herzegowina

Mostar and a piece of paradise

After we had left Sarajevo and the mountains behind us, we went on to Mostar in the south. Of course we didn’t want to miss the beautiful old town and the famous bridge of Mostar, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But when we arrived in Mostar we had to find out again that the most famous sights are the most frequented ones… So we snaked with busloads full of Asians and of course also European tourists, as we are, in the usual goose march through the old alleys lined with sales stalls and restaurants, up to the bridge and took our photos well-behaved. The bridge is beautiful, the old town too, but you probably don’t want to live here and the rest of the city, outside the historical part, is not very spectacular. Besides of course the Bruce Lee Stature which we honored. But than we said bye bye Bruce Lee. We moved on.

After the impressions of Sarajevo and Mostar we went out into nature again. Processing, writing, thinking. We decided for the south because of the temperatures and headed for the Kravica waterfalls. We wanted to stay there for a few days. The huge gravel parking at the entrance to the waterfalls did not invite us to stay. Well. We first arrived and got an overview. In the late evening, when the ticket office and the security had finished, we walked down to the waterfalls for the first time, which we had only heard until then. The whole area is illuminated at night and is freely accessible. WOW! What a sight. The Amazon in the middle of Bosnia-Herzegovina. The waterfalls and the river are indescribably beautiful, we were all alone down there and the atmosphere was very touching and romantic. We enjoyed the sight and stayed there for quite a while.

In the night a violent thunderstorm raged, our awning was lifted by a hair! In the last moment we jumped drunk asleep into the rain and could crank it with united forces. The wind caused the whole car to wobble and the trees bent under the storm and rain. The next morning greeted us again with sunshine. Unfortunately there was the usual crowd of people at the waterfalls and so we didn’t stay long there, because we had already enjoyed the atmosphere in the evening before.

A nice spot at the river not far from the waterfalls should inspire us for the next days. Here we spend already some days. A smaller waterfall rushes the whole day, the hammock hangs over the turquoise green river and we can do our daily work, write, work a bit and enjoy the day. Martin finally caught the first fish, which we fried and ate right over the grill! Every day other neighbours come and use this cool spot as a place to spend the night. We spent two days here with Adina, Tim and their daughter Mina, two roasters we met here. The two are on parental leave with the little one in her van, very likeable as we think! We sat by the fire and exchanged travel stories, the next evening a French couple joined us and completed the round. The next day, when everyone had left, we came back from the walk with Senta and found the camp full of life again! Adina, Tim and Mina had met friends who were on their way to Montenegro and had brought the whole group back to the beautiful spot by the river! What a surprise! We spent a very funny, humid and happy evening with the whole group. Have a nice trip to all and greetings to the north!

One meets many interesting people on journeys, each with its own history and each meeting is an enrichment and a memory! This place here near Studenci is really magical. We have already forged the wildest camping site plans and are curious when and if we will leave from here again^^

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