2019-08-3 Montenegro

Montenegro- the Mountains

For the first day we chose an adventure: Rafting on the Tara River. From the campsite we were taken to the Tara Gorge and introduced to our boat captain. Goran – an older man who didn’t speak a word of English with a Schnapsfahne around 11 in the morning of her Gleichen searches! Well great! Our troop was in a good mood and when we had boarded the boat and were off paddled the mood really took off. Goran explained to us in broken German/English Mischmasch he was the Michael Schumacher among the rafting boat leaders and we, a boat full of Germans let us of course not lumpen the all honour to do and paddled diligently off. The river, which doesn’t carry too much water in the summer, flowed rather moderately than wildly, but it captivated us with its unbelievably clear water shimmering in all shades of green. Even a jump from a steep cliff was part of the tour. My goodness, that was cold. The moment when I dived into the water and was glad to have mastered the jump was quickly overshadowed in seconds by the realization that the mountain river was really only 12 degrees “warm” and the current made it very difficult to relax and get back to the shore. When everyone was back on board, the last minutes were spent relaxed and frozen (all other boats were equipped with neoprene suits, which Goran had somehow forgotten for us ^^) towards the end of the tour. At the end we had a warm meal and of course, how could it be any different, a drink with our boat captain to warm us up. We had a lot of fun and arrived back at the camp in a good mood.

The next day was to be our hiking day. Unfortunately the weather put a big strain on our plans and we woke up with thick rain clouds, at breakfast it started and storm and hail raged. We decided to postpone our wanderlust and spent a relaxed day at the bus. Since Martin had initiated Miri and me into the art of Skat playing, the time went also really fast. Towards evening, the weather seemed stable, we tied our shoes and went into the forest full of energy. On this little hiking tour we discovered wild forests and old water mills and came back tired but satisfied from our little adventure in the dawn of darkness.

The next day it went unfortunately already again back, not without stopping however once again with the Tara gorge. Ziplining, sitting on a thin wire rope in a harness over the deepest gorge of Europe, was still on the agenda. Where is the best place to overcome your fear of heights than tied to a rope at a height of 180 metres above a river? The feeling was really indescribable! Beautiful, exciting, tingly, insane. A great experience.
On the last evening we crossed the border to Croatia and spent a nice relaxed night at the sea in a remote bay, which was therefore not so crowded. Unfortunately we had to bring Miri back to the airport, the nice week with the three of us had passed so quickly… We were incredibly happy about this visit and it was a great feeling to be able to share our life with a friend! Thank you Miri for your visit!

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