Secret Spots


The dreamlike sleepy village on the edge of the Caucasus. On the M4 from Krasnodar you drive south. The roads are perfectly constructed and in top condition up to the edge of the village. On approx. 1000 m height one reaches the place and is rewarded with a wonderful view over the Caucasian forest areas at the edge of the mountains. Then it goes first steeply downhill into the village. Basically one can stand here at almost every corner or river bend beautifully and the villagers are used to alternative and camper tourists. During the OKF walk through the village we found the perfect place for us. Located directly at a small waterfall of the small river Reka, with a fireplace, surrounded by shady hazelnut trees, on the outskirts of the village. More is not possible! There is not only one but three shopping shops, with different specials, so one can pay in the one for example with credit card, in the other you can acquire a hiking map . What a peaceful coexistence. People are relaxed, children, chickens, sheep and cattle are jumping around everywhere. The latter announced the dawn of the day every morning in our camp with their cow bells around their necks. You don’t have to be afraid of contact, because everyone is shuffling through the area with total relaxation and the cows are getting easily scared away, if you don’t feel like building up a too close connection them. From the village you can hike in all directions as far as you can! The noise of the river has a really meditative effect and the fireplace invites to cosy barbecue and story telling evenings. A magical place, with a very special energy and a spirit that will not let us go for a while…We have been enchanted by this special place!

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