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Mavrovo National Park

If you ever spend a few days in Northern Macedonia, you should definitely visit the Mavrovo National Park. We had an incredibly relaxed time and could recover from the experiences of the capital. In the middle of October we enjoyed the sunshine and used the days for hiking and lazing around.

For all van travellers the place at the lake on a small peninsula is recommended. One has a wonderful view to the sunset, there are many fire places and we found some mushrooms in the forest. Except for a herd of sheep that came by twice a day, we hardly met anyone. Except for an angler who parked his car near us. He was very friendly, even gave us one of his homemade sausages (very tasty) and invited us to visit him fishing down by the lake. We learned that he was a professional angler and has been running his own fish shop in Skopje for several years. Within 10 minutes he fetched two big fish from the lake and showed us his previous catch, including a big trout. How exciting!

So it’s a good place to fish! But we had bought too much barbecue meat, so we didn’t have enough space for fresh fish. But also during the day we could enjoy the abundance of fish in the lake. Sitting on the rock one could see swarms of small fish swimming along the lake shore and follow their movements and almost artistic swimming manoeuvres in the swarm. A great natural spectacle and better than any TV show!

Beside beautiful sunsets you could also enjoy a fantastic starry sky! Due to the little extraneous light in the park and around the lake you get an excellent view of thousands and thousands of stars. The angler aptly described it as “one million star hotel”, yes that’s our Don Busso: a true one million star hotel!

Coordinates: 41°41’46.6 “N 20°46’21.2 “E

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