2019-09- Croatia


After we had brought Miri to the airport, the journey continued for us to Dubrovnik. The beautiful old town attracted us and since it was on our route anyway, we planned a stopover. But first we had to change to the hustle and bustle that was waiting for us. The city was crowded with tourists and also we pushed ourselves with the masses through the old lanes and walls. It’s nice there, but you can hardly really enjoy it. A walk on the famous city wall costs 25 Euro. Quite cheeky as we thought. We checked in at the only and therefore much too expensive (45 Euro per night) camping site, as we had not found a suitable place to spend the night in the dark. Martin continued his sightseeing tour the next day and Senta and I spent the day on the square and at the water, because it was much too hot for the dog to go back to the city. So I wasn’t so ungrateful when we left the next day.

The next stop, at a wild river in the Croatian hinterland, was again very to our taste. In peace and in the nature we could come down a little. However, we were expelled from the place in time, because in the morning a group of rafting tourists wanted to start at the place and we felt, even without words, as if we should leave the place quickly. A few kilometres further on we found a nice spot on the river where we could plan a little bit and start the day. The next destination should be a nudist camping site further north, where we wanted to stay for a few days before we would continue towards Pula and the Outlook Festival. And here we spend a relaxed time with a view from the sea, a light breeze around our ears and make house and yard day and have some time for writing and sorting. Soon more of us, until then, let it go well for you!

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