Croatia with a dog

Since we were now almost a month in Croatia, I would like to record my impressions for Croatia as a travel country with dog. Croatia with dogs is not an optimal destination in my eyes compared to some Eastern European and Balkan countries we have visited. At least not for backpackers or van travellers. Wild camping is really not welcome here. The police patrol popular places at night as well, as we were told, we fortunately did not experience this. The last days in Croatia we found a very nice place in a tiny little village above the coast (Obrš) and also a night we spent in the hinterland at a popular rafting place (see here) was quiet and Senta could freely stromern around the car and move in nature. So if you stay a little away from the crowds, you can find some places. But these were only 3 of almost 20 nights. Along the coast and at popular spots it certainly looks different. For the remaining nights, we stayed on campsites or in a holiday flat. If you like it, we can recommend the nudist campsite on Pašman (nudist campsite Sovinje). Very dog-friendly and relaxed. The prices for the campsites have, however, sometimes also improved in the high season. We had to pay between 28-55 Euro per night (for all together).

Also the stony beaches and often completely concreted areas at the coast are more than unsuitable for dog paws at 30 ° degrees. You have to be very careful that you find a shady place, place the dog on a blanket and make sure that the dog paws do not burn when walking from A to B in the often completely concreted places and cities. Even the morning “business” was not so easy for Senta. One can imagine that the nature spoiled travel dog of today is rather adamant to leave his urrat on bare concrete (which I also appreciate very much). In many places, however, it was quite difficult to satisfy Sentas need for privacy. Hardly any green areas, lots of stone, boulders and concrete. Croatia from the dog’s point of view.

Positive to mention was that nobody was bothered by Senta. In all restaurants the dog was very welcome and she was offered water. We were also accepted on beaches that were forbidden for dogs. There were dog beaches, but these were mostly already completely occupied by small, noisy poison dwarves kept on the flex line. Squeezing in between means pure stress for everyone for the rest of the beach day. We prefer to avoid it, even though Senta usually deliberately ignores hysterical fake attacks.
As a Dalmatian she was also sure to get a lot of attention especially in the region “Dalmatia”! Especially the children had no fear of contact and stroked Senta, unfortunately often without parents in sight or without at least a questioning look… More than once I had to come out of the water again on land and protect Senta from too much grabbing children’s hands. She lets everything happen completely stoically, even when a child wanted to climb on her, she remained completely petrified and simply looked into the distance without batting an eyelid. But that goes too far for me and I don’t want my dog to be used as a general fun toy. To be stroked here and there Senta thinks it’s great, but everything has its limits.

All in all the time on the island Pašman was probably the most pleasant time in Croatia with dog. There everything was a bit more natural and not so overbuilt. Maybe the low season is more relaxed, but there are no more green areas.
I think we made the time here for Senta as pleasant as possible and tried to take as much consideration as possible for her needs, which was finally successful. Compared to other countries, however, it was a little more difficult and more complex. I personally cannot recommend Croatia with dogs, especially if you want to spend two weeks relaxing on the beach… There are other countries that have more dog-friendly terrain.

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