Croatia in high season – never again…

After our quiet week on the island of Pašman we had recharged our batteries. Our next destination, the Outlook Festival in Pula, in the north of Croatia, should be mentioned here only as a side note. It was a very interesting experience to take part in an English production (okay, the English have the best bass music in Europe, probably all over the world) abroad. But I’ve heard that if you can’t say anything good, you shouldn’t say anything at all. Now about 25.000 drunk Englishmen there is really not much more to say. The music was good and loud, the sound systems were awesome and our neighbours on the campsite were super nice and helpful! Cheers to Alice and Sylvain! But I would rather not write more about the english party culture…
Another unpleasant encounter with the Croatian police was also part of the festival experience. I had ordered new homeopathic medication for Senta, as her homeopathic medication was slowly running out. Also a bottle of EM (effective microbacteria), which I wanted to use against the bad smell in our waste water tank and to clean the kitchen, was in the package from Germany. The extremely careful and unyielding state authority in Croatia, however, declared the contents of the package questionable and, although we were able to present the bill, the products were sealed and we were able to prove that everything was freely available for sale on the German market and we even went to the police station with Senta again to present them, finally confiscated everything. The whole thing is now examined in the laboratory and then, as soon as the examination for illegal substances has turned out negative, sent back to Germany in about three months… We can only shake our heads at the end about so much incomprehension, stubbornness and bureaucracy, but since we have wasted enough energy discussing with the authorities, we would like to leave this chapter as well.
A new package with Sentas medicine is on its way and we hope to pick it up in the next few days and finally leave Croatia behind. So far, the popular destination of the Germans on the Adriatic coast has not necessarily presented itself from its best side. Croatia means for me: overcrowded stone beaches or cliffs, overpriced prices, concreted villages and everywhere traffic jams due to the tourist masses. Not to mention the trouble with the authorities. Of course there were exceptions and I don’t want to demonize the whole country or speak badly to anyone. But it is not my personal favourite destination and I am glad if we can end our almost one month stay in this country (and my account is happy too).

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