2019-09-2 Bosnia and Herzegowina

Bosnia-Herzegovina – the land of waterfalls

Let’s go to Bosnia. The joy was great and the travel fever had gripped us again. We were in Croatia for over a month. Driving through Bosnia seemed totally exciting, almost as if we had just started. A few kilometres behind the border the first sign already caught our attention. The waterfalls at Strbački buk in the Una National Park! Waterfalls! There was something. Hadn’t we just stood in front of the gates to the Plitvitcer National Park? It was worth a try. We drove behind the signs. What a good idea. The waterfalls and the road along Una were not only beautiful but also deserted. We had almost the whole national park to ourselves, and 7 Euro entrance fee was already a completely different trick. Fully compensated and with the euphoria to have discovered and seen this great place we drove further along our route towards Sarajevo. In the beautiful village of Jajce we stopped for the night at a camping site. Also here the Una, dammed up to a beautiful lake, flowed through the village. In the middle of the old town there is a spectacular waterfall, which is illuminated fantastically at night. A really romantic place.
The journey continued to Sarajevo. As the only motorway in Bosnia-Herzegovina is unfortunately only finished to a small extent, one should not underestimate the driving times. For 200 kilometres it can take a good 4-5 hours… But there are routes with spectacular views, through atmospheric gorges and lined with colourful stalls where local goods are offered for sale.

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