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    Girl´s road trip

    Our first stop was an old trading town, which had its heyday around 800 B.C. The old ruins lay in a dreamlike bay. In front of you the sea, in the back the mountains with snow-covered peaks, in addition bright sunshine. Senta and I roamed through ancient Phaselis and imagined how much life must have been here at that time (okay Senta might be less interested in ancient history, but for her the place smelled very exciting). Even Alexander the Great came to visit more often. A nice elderly gentleman spoke to me in Turkish. Although we had some communication problems, he introduced himself as a museum director or guard,…

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    The girls alone on tour

    It was strange to see Martin off at the airport. Over six months we had been together every day now (a circumstance I would hardly have thought possible or healthy before the trip…). A little bit insecure, but also excited, I drove back to Kemer. There I parked the bus at the beach to let my thoughts wander a little. It was stormy and the sea was roaring. When it got dusky and the storm had developed into a thunderstorm, I decided to drive back to the farm. When I arrived there, I did not move back into our jail cell, but decided to sleep in the bus on the…

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    Working in Turkey Part II

    We were more than willing to do our job, but we would have liked to have had some clearer instructions, or if these were not available, then we would have liked the freedom to work with the horses, some of which were still young. I would have liked to invest time and work in the horses, but almost every time I started working with one, the employee interfered and I had to stop. This was very frustrating. It should not be misunderstood, Müslüm was always very friendly to us, he cooked lunch and we sat together at the table. He even invited us to his house, which we gladly accepted.…

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    Working on a horse farm in Turkey

    After a short break in Pamukkale we drove on towards Kemer, a small town near Antalya. There we had found a farm via Workaway, where we wanted to work and stay for a month for food and lodging. On the way there, we made one more stop. The place was nothing special, a parking lot at a lake next to the highway/expressway. Unfortunately there was an unpleasant incident with the street dogs there. Here in Turkey the wild dogs are almost all herd protection dogs like Kangals, Akbash or Maremmano and the wildest hybrids of these breeds. These dogs are really territorial, big and quite aggressive. With them you don’t…

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    Off to Turkey – Wintering in the sun

    We spent our first night near Gallipoli, not far from the ancient city of Troy. How exciting. With the view of Asia, the most eastern part of our journey so far, we woke up in the morning. We were a bit devout, so far away from home. So long on the road. But as adventurous as ever, we were drawn farther and farther away. Troy was calling us. After we had taken the ferry in Canakkale and arrived on the Asian part of Turkey, we went on to the historic city. But we had to search a little bit until we found the ancient excavation site. As we arrived Senta…

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    Roadtrip trough Greece

    We started our ride to Antalya. Since we had found a farm over WorkAway for December that would provide us with food and lodging for work, we attacked the long journey to the south of Turkey. Actually we wanted to take the ferry from Athens to Bodrum. That would have saved us several kilometres of land and we would even have passed one of the Greek islands. Unfortunately it is not possible to get insurance for the car in Bodrum. Since our insurance does not cover Turkey, this was a huge problem. After Martin had phoned with all possible people of insurance and port administration, there seemed to be no…

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    Athens – Visit to the capital city

    We got a visitor! Martin’s dad had allowed himself and his wife a cruise on their wedding day. And it was supposed to land in Athens at the same time as we were in Greece. Totally cool! Martin was very much looking forward to the visit of his dad. After the shock with Senta and our time out in the bay east of Corinth we were excited about the capital of Greece. Athens, probably one of the oldest cities in Europe. With countless sights, first of all of course the world famous Acropolis. We had taken an Aribnb, because Wäscheberge piled up in the bus and we both had some…

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    Secret Spot Albania

    The spot on the steep coast near Vlora has a very special flair. Had we not been on the run from the bad weather, we would definitely have stayed longer. A sheltered bay, invites you to swim in summer! From there you can walk to the Vjosë-Nartë National Park and make day trips. The uninhabited island of Sazan is within sight and invites you to wild pirate dreams. But even so, the view from the cliffs to the sea is hypnotic. With enough provisions you can enjoy wonderful campfire evenings and in summer you will surely meet some locals and other travellers. Coordinates: 40.518757, 19.389967 Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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    Secret Spot

    The small bay in Greece was a real Secret Spot! All Van Bulli Camper travellers travelling in Greece should not miss this magical place. Travelling through Greece by camper just makes sense. Peleponnes also has a lot to discover. The accident with Senta shortened our discovery tour, but we still saw a lot and heard a lot of good things. This fantastic bay wants to be discovered and enjoyed! Buy enough supplies beforehand, you won’t want to leave! The small island in front of the beach invites for climbing, fishing and discovering. The water is wonderfully clear! We were here in the middle of November and could still swim daily…

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    The accident

    What was to follow our visit to Sparta we could not have foreseen in the morning. It should be the worst event that we have ever experienced on the trip and only thanks to all our guardian angels we are still on the road today. We had planned a trip to Monemvasia, an old monastery. The monastery buildings are located on a peninsula, high up on a rock and promised to become a beautiful day destination. In stormy rainy weather the trip started. Since we had left the beach, the atmosphere had been strangely charged. Did we suspect that something terrible would happen? Arriving in Monemvasia, we looked for a…